What is an Adaptavist?

Spend some time with us and you’ll soon find out what it means to be part of Adaptavist. Whether you’re with us in Chicago, London, Munich, Warwick, Boston or Dusseldorf – or on-site with a client – you’re part of the same team.

Our clients are among the most complex organisations in the world. To help them get the most from their application lifecycle and their use of Atlassian software we’ve created – or evolved, really – an organisation that is solid in its purpose but flexible in its execution.

We know that our values are a work in progress and will be checked regularly against the reality of where we are, what we want to be and what our customers need from us.

Adaptavists are proactive. We make things happen and know that there are times when it’s crucial to take action. Hard won experience tells us that it’s much more difficult to take control of a situation in hindsight.

We believe that everyone should feel they still have a lot to learn. We know that by following our inquisitive instincts we can better understand how things work and bring new perspectives to our clients’ challenges. Being inquisitive helps us to see patterns, make connections and test assumptions.

We value excellent individuals and recognise the difference that our people make. We value excellent teamwork even more. We believe that the best people have made – or want to make – the transition from skilled technician to all-round professional.

Whilst we strive for perfection, we recognise that getting things done and dealing with reality is crucial. We align ourselves closely with our clients and value delivering to their needs above all else. Being pragmatic helps each of us take personal responsibility to do the right thing in each situation.

Sound like your kind of company?

We’re looking for first-class consultants, DevOps dervishes, Java geniuses and all-round Atlassian aces. If that sounds like you, contact us to start the process.