Adaptavists through and through

Wherever you encounter Adaptavist – in our offices in Chicago, San Francisco, Munich, London or Warwick, on-site with a client or presenting at Atlassian Summit – you’ll encounter people with unique character but shared values.

Below, you’ll find out a little more about some of the people who work at Adaptavist.

Jon Bevan

Consultant Developer/Software Engineer, Leamington Spa

Jon was the first developer to join the Leamington office. He is experienced in many aspects of web development, from website security to database performance as well as Linux-based systems administration. Willing to pick up and try almost any technology or language, Jon loves the creative and problem-solving aspects of software engineering, firmly believing that code is for humans and not for computers.

Jon enjoys cooking, reading, cycling and watching films.

Borge Boakye

Junior Systems Administrator

Before he joined Adaptavist, Borge was Network Operations Engineer at ServerChoice & LCN. At Adaptavist, he helps clients in a number of ways – from general end-user and application support to dealing with systems and server issues.

The Atlassian products he is most interested in are JIRA and Bitbucket. JIRA because the possibilities are endless and there is always something else to learn or try. Bitbucket just because it’s so useful.

Outside of work Borge likes to socialise, go to the gym, play with his daughter and tinker with DIY and computers.

Tom Lasparini


With 20 years in the IT industry, Tom has worked with some of the world’s leading consultancies and system integrators. Having previously engaged Adaptavist as a partner, Tom jumped at the chance to join. He ensures we deliver the best service possible and leverages Adaptavist’s expertise to add value for clients.

Tom hosts the quarterly Adaptavist poker tournament. He is keen to show how psychology and maths combine to great effect and financial reward.

Gareth Llewellyn

Head of Delivery

Gareth has been involved within all sectors of the software industry and in every part of ALM, working on everything from building fashion eCommerce websites in very small web agencies through to designing torpedo simulation systems for government research organisations. Gareth was also part of the team that was the first in the UK to successfully implement CMMI Level 5 – and that was also using Agile! He understand the software development process, and how it is applied in many different types of organisation.

When not working, Gareth can usually be found either racing bicycles, or tinkering with bicycles. Or something else mechanically based such as helping his kids with their Lego creations!

Dan Hardiker

Chief Evangelist

Dan brings 10 years of experience with Atlassian software to his role at Adaptavist. Perhaps the leading global authority on Atlassian performance tuning, Dan is responsible for Adaptavist’s technical strategy and continuing our standing as Atlassian’s leading global Expert partner.

Alongside his work with Adaptavist Dan is also a regular speaker at tech events and the UK organiser of Devoxx4Kids.

Matthew Hope

DevOps Team Lead

Matthew spent his career before Adaptavist working in the media industry with responsibility for IT operations, business continuity and network management.

Implementing and supporting system automation – mainly with Puppet – is Matthew’s focus. Passionate about automation and security, he finds vulnerability assessment and remediation enthralling.

Outside Adaptavist, he’s a Sci-Fi fan but spends most of his time with his family.

Antonio Cerezo

Support Engineer

Antonio has been with Adaptavist since 2012. As Support Engineer, he is focused on helping deliver great service to our Managed Services customers, whether solving issues or configuring their Atlassian applications.

His company – a varied and hands-on role with a web development company in Barcelona – prepared him well to take ownership of issues and have a holistic view of service delivery. His favourite Atlassian product is JIRA because of its flexibility and the options it gives you. Antonio is passionate about problem-solving and learning as well as enjoying a bit of coding and digging into databases.

Outside of work he is a keen cook, occasionally bringing home-made treats into the office to share with the team.

Harp Athwal

Consultancy Team Lead

Harp helps Adaptavist’s clients address their process pains and problems. He’s responsible for leading one of Adaptavist’s consultancy teams, making sure they engage effectively and provide awesome advice and solutions.

Based in Toronto, Harp is passionate about JIRA – “because I love seeing clients becoming more confident and creative in how they use it to meet their business challenges”.

Outside of work, he uses his background in electrical engineering in home renovation projects, plays hockey three times a week and is an avid Muay Thai boxer.